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30 Nov Shopify Legal Policy Specialist

We are looking for a Legal Policy Specialist to join our team. This role is for a licensed lawyer and includes, but is not limited to, researching and analyzing platform legal and policy issues in jurisdictions around the world, working with internal stakeholders on AUP-related issues, identifying new areas of policy development, drafting policy proposals, and solving growing problems, sometimes highly publicized. Proactively identify and propose new areas of policy development, taking into account legal and business risks. The worst part is that they scheduled a call to “discuss opportunities with Shopify,” clean up my work schedule from my other job, and immediately hear on the phone, “We`re going to go in a different direction. Any questions? We perform routine platform analytics for certain products that may violate the Shopify Terms of Service. To ensure that your use of Shopify is uninterrupted, you should carefully read all policies that apply to your Shopify store, including the Shopify Terms of Service and the Shopify Terms of Service. You should also consider the impact of selling in different jurisdictions, including researching relevant import and export laws and regulations and knowing the current legal status of selling products in a region. The Trust & Safety team is committed to improving trading for everyone. Whether it`s developing and enforcing policies, preventing and combating bad actors, managing online content, or developing cutting-edge tools to scale and streamline complex workflows, our work is challenging, varied and constantly evolving. The Trust and Security Policy team is responsible for the ongoing development of Shopify`s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

This includes developing and amending policies, investigating and managing escalations related to Shopify`s AUP, collaborating with other teams on Shopify AUP related issues, and proactively monitoring legal, regulated, and other emerging issues and developments related to Shopify`s AUP. Given the experience with my friends, that means you`re only hanging around with Shopify and no one else, except it`s great. Get notified when Shopify hires for legal entities I attended a group interview with about 80 different people, and the entire interview process took 12 full hours (of course, since this is an interview, it is not paid). We are committed to a better, faster and easier approach. Were all your friends developers or were they in different departments of the company? Shopify is a leading global trading company that provides reliable tools to start, grow, market, and manage retail businesses of all sizes. Retailers use our software to manage their business across multiple sales channels, including web, tablet and mobile storefronts, social media and marketplaces, as well as in their physical and pop-up stores. Our platform and services are designed for reliability and have raised the standard for the shopping experience for consumers around the world. Shopify supports over one million businesses in over 175 countries. b) What has been your biggest challenge since you started working there? I heard good things about working there and wanted to see if I would be a good fit for the company.

Before Shopify hates me, let me say this: everyone I know who works at Shopify has become a labor-intensive person who spends overtime at their desks. Saturday night drinks? Usually, spend time with people from work or have conversations about work. Thanks again for posting here. I really appreciate it. Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario that develops computer software for online stores and point-of-sale systems for retail. First of all, thank you for offering me to answer a few questions. It`s always nice to see a dedicated CEO. Work closely with the Trust and Security Operations team to support the implementation and ongoing application of the AUP. I was rejected (for one of their guru positions) about a year ago, after only a brief phone interview. No feedback, except something like “other people were more qualified than you”. for a position where they emphasized that you don`t need to have traditional qualifications or experience.

I thought I would at least get the chance to go to a face-to-face interview to better explain my interest and applicable experience, although I probably would have been excluded since I don`t really have the “hipster style” either (no foodie, don`t drink alcohol, never owned an Apple product, etc.). Work closely with internal stakeholders (e.g..dem Shopify`s legal team, trust and security operations teams, specific product teams, and various others) on AUP-related issues. True speech: Our team`s unofficial motto is “no task too small”. You have to work hard, be enthusiastic and be a great team player. Our super smart, dedicated and highly dedicated team members are always ready to step in and help, no matter the task. Deal with AP issues raised and new at the level of traders, including sometimes sensitive subjects. Sometimes you are expected to make tough decisions under pressure about allowing or removing content. a) What do you like most about working at Shopify? To succeed in the Trust & Safety team, you need to be autonomous and work in a rapidly changing environment with minimal oversight and able to track multiple issues as they progress. You need to learn quickly and be able to apply your knowledge and experience to new scenarios and determine the appropriate course of action in a thoughtful and scalable way. You should also be comfortable feeling uncomfortable, managing other people`s expectations, and having a generally optimistic attitude. The ability to adapt and change spontaneously is a must for this position.

At Shopify, we believe in improving commerce for everyone. To help you in this mission, we try to provide you with the information that will help you make informed decisions about how to sell your products through our platform. I think my question would be: what do you personally look for in a recruiter? If I`m motivated, always looking for new things, and I`m a hard worker, what else would you expect from me to bring to your business? I work in a regular retail store and hang out with my colleagues and we spend a lot of time talking/complaining about work. I think it`s just a pretty ordinary adult thing. Nevertheless, I will probably try to apply again if a suitable job arises, as it is always better in all respects (location, salary, benefits, work environment) than the company I currently work for. If you have any advice or just general anecdotes about working there, these would be greatly appreciated. I recently saw an opening and I have a few questions for people who work at Shopify. I was hoping to be able to choose your heads.

While at Shopify we do what we can to set you up for success, there are also steps you need to take. The information in this section is designed to help you learn more about selling products in specific restricted areas. If you have questions about the laws that apply to you, or questions specific to your business, you should contact a lawyer who is familiar with the relevant laws that may apply to your business. Why are Shopify`s actual employees rejected? Legal Policy Specialist – Trust and Security Policy, Trusted Team After your last round of funding, I read in an interview you gave to G&M that employees own 20% of the company.

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