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13 Dec York Pa Legal Aid

Menges receives 2015 Pro Bono Award, January 12, 2016 Chris Menges (now Justice Menges) received a 2015 PBA Pro Bono Award through a joint nomination from the York County Law Association and MidPenn Legal Services, reflecting the lawyers` partnership with private practice, local bar associations and local legal aid programs that remains the core model for pro bono services. Menges` nominators had this to say about him: “Chris has handled pro bono referrals for years and has been willing to accept custody cases at all stages and participates in divorce and custody clinics. In addition, he encourages lawyers in his firm to accept pro bono recommendations, which makes the firm 100% involved. His willingness to help allowed clients to be represented, even if they would otherwise have had to represent themselves. Pictured is PBA President William H. Pugh V, right, and David Trevaskis, PBA pro bono coordinator, left, presented the award to Justice Menges. MidPenn Legal Services is a private, not-for-profit, public interest law firm dedicated to providing equal access to justice and quality legal services to low-income individuals, survivors of domestic violence, custody, housing, and access to health care in central Pennsylvania. including York and Adams counties. Victims of domestic violence are entitled to this service, regardless of their income. You must meet certain income criteria to be eligible for services, unless you are a victim of domestic violence. Public services are offered to represent people with crimes who meet certain income criteria. For minors, there is an automatic referral procedure through probation of minors and there are no income restrictions. For adults, they must apply in person at the office.

The opening hours for bank transfers are: Monday 13:00 16:00; Tuesday 8:30 11:30 13:00 16:00; Wednesday 13:00 16:00; Thursday 8:30 11:30 13:00 16:00 and Friday 8:30 11:30 Court documents and proof of income are required for the application. Interpreters are available at the courthouse. www.yorkcountypa.gov/courts-criminal-justice/public-defender.html Free legal advice: virtual, personal and hybrid: lasp.org/events. OPENING HOURS OF THE HELPLINE Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm (valid from 15 March 2021). A new phone system allows paralegals and LASP helpline lawyers to answer more calls simultaneously while remaining socially distant to comply with COVID-19 guidelines. The schedule is a return to long-term telephone support hours and is designed to reduce wait times for callers. Several legal aid attorneys across the state, including Christina Drzal of LASP, Regional Housing Supervising Attorney, discuss the implementation of the CDC moratorium in Pennsylvania. In lasp.org/events you will find free legal information sessions. In collaboration with other local and regional nonprofits and state legislators, LASP attorneys discuss current legal issues, usually in about an hour: Sometimes the bureaucracy doesn`t want to listen, especially when it makes a mistake.

A grandmother with limited income was informed that she had received an overpayment of $1,100 in her Social Security benefits and was ordered to pay it back. At that time, the woman was struggling to pay for a new roof and stove for the old house where she cared for her granddaughter. One of our legal aid membership programs, North Penn Legal Services, has appealed on his behalf. In the end, it was decided that the overpayment was Social Security`s fault, and the claim for reimbursement was withdrawn. Without legal assistance, the woman would have been unjustly punished. How to apply for legal services during COVID-19. Look. MidPenn Legal Services 2019-20 York County`s legal aid provider is MidPenn Legal Services. Read MidPenn`s overview of services for counties in 2019-20. Read the report on MidPenn services in York County in 2019-2020.

Deadline to apply for FEMA support: extended to January 10, 2022. Need help with your FEMA application, FEMA denial, or other legal issues related to Hurricane Ida? Call 877-429-5994 Monday to Friday. 9am-1pm or leave a message. Consult lasp.org/hurricane-ida for other legal issues that LASP may be able to help you with. The LASP helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Our new phone system allows more calls to be answered at the same time, while paralegals and lawyers can comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines. Call the helpline at 877-429-5994 or start a 24/7 online request at lasp.org/apply. Relation Avocat refers you to a lawyer experienced in the field of law who meets your legal needs.

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