Word Definition Ruefully

13 Dec Word Definition Ruefully

At the climax of the play, Willy Loman remorsefully tells his two sons that he was fired from his job that day. Someone had scratched his right shoe when he came out, and now he was pulling up the leg of the pants of his dark gray suit to study it with remorse. The origin of the word repentant is a Germanic word meaning “repentance.” But over time, the word has taken on a slightly humorous tone, so you can sadly shake your friend who just put his boot on the wrong foot you feel a little sorry for him right now. You might smile sadly when asked how many pairs of shoes you bought on your trip. When you do something in a way that expresses regret, you do it with remorse. When someone asks you about your Saturday night and you smile sadly in response. Well. You`ve probably made some bad decisions. The adjective repentant sincerely expresses regret, but it manages to do so with a touch of humor. Sad often appears in descriptions of remorseful smiles or apologetic smiles. If you`re sorry for something you`ve done, but can still laugh a little at yourself, you feel remorse.

The word itself comes from the verb to rue, which means “to repent.” She smiled sadly and said that her brother was too thin to fight. Aristide, looking at the rest with remorse, made a great resolution. Perhaps this name should not be so remorseful today, despite the return to authoritarian control in Egypt. Somewhere, a Tebow, who no longer plays in the league, nods remorsefully. She owes money to a lot of people, she says with a sad smile. And yet, Norton says sadly, “You know the old expression, `Wherever I went, I was there.` Dane looked at Winston with some remorse, but his eyes were fixed on Colonel Barrington. In order to carry out my wife`s orders, I had to free Susan from Liosha`s embrace and remorsefully pack her into the manger. You can only see it from a stranger and comment on it with the repentant wisdom of a non-participant. Then she stopped, looked away from the camera, and took a deep breath. Pale, thin, silent, and somewhat deaf, he looked much like the knight with the penitent face. Gwynne looked at the thin sole of her slipper with an expression so sad that the judge burst out laughing. At that time, he was in a very different mood; Angry with himself and full of remorse from his wife.

The sad laughter of the two men turned into reflection in Stittsworth. “You can choose which lines can come out,” Spitzer said with a repentant smile. With remorse, Aristide found no answer, except in the general laughter of humanity. But most of them have to be delivered from the peninsula where Bob stands and casts a sad look at the whole show. Aristide remorsefully wondered: Why hadn`t the mayor included him in the confidence of his masked getaway? If your elaborate magic trick goes awry, and instead of pulling a rabbit out of an audience`s shoe, you set the shoe on fire, you might give a repentant smile. Sad means apologetic or full of remorse. A discussion about a London cheese factory sends him into fits of sad joy. At the cry of repentance, Clifford turned around, just in time to see the rocking package disappear into the muddy water.

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