Section 24 Legal Profession Act

29 Nov Section 24 Legal Profession Act

(2) No lawyer (other than the person referred to in subsection (3) of section 2 of this Act) shall be granted the right to be heard by a Nigerian court within one year unless he has paid the clerk`s fee for that year. (c) as soon as practicable after the end of each year, an amount equal to nine-tenths of the total amount of fees collected during the year in accordance with this Division, together with a receipt and a list intended to be printed for one year in accordance with this Subdivision, constitutes proof that: the person named on the receipt or, Where applicable, any person on the list has paid the Registrar the practice fee for that year. (b) order the delivery or delivery of documents entrusted to or obtained by the lawyer by him or on his behalf, and without prejudice to the generality of the powers of the court to punish contempt or the provisions of this Act relating to the discipline of lawyers, The court may punish any practitioner for contempt, refuses or fails to comply with an order made under this subsection. 6. (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, but subject to the provisions of section 8 (5) and the First Schedule hereto, all Nigerian courts before which lawyers may appear shall accord to each magistrate referred to in this section the following rights and privileges, namely: (b) create classes of members for compensation purposes and exempt a group of lawyers from the obligation to maintain professional liability. either the protection of legitimate expectations or the payment of all or part of the compensation fee; (g) inform a client or other person of facts of which the depositary is aware and which may give rise to a request for payment under section 31; (5) A lawyer may apply to the court for approval of a contingency fee agreement for services related to a matrimonial dispute, subsections 66(7) to (9) applying. (a) a person whose name appears on the list is convicted by the Disciplinary Council for well-known professional conduct; or (4) A corporation may not engage in activities other than the provision of legal services or services directly related to the provision of legal services. 2. Nothing in paragraph 1 of this section shall be construed as excluding or limiting the foregoing liability in all cases where an attorney provides his or her services without remuneration as fees, costs or otherwise. 2. A judgement creditor`s claim against the beneficiary of paragraph 1 shall be subject to the same rules of equity as would have been applied in favour of the beneficiary if the judgment had been enforced by the lawyer. 16 (1) For the purposes of this section, “governing body” means the governing body of the legal professions of another province or territory of Canada.

(a) a professional compensation plan established, managed, maintained and operated by advisors in accordance with section 30 (2) or (3). The members shall issue to every person appointed to the bar in accordance with subsection (1) of this section a certificate of appeal to the bar association, in the form determined by the councillors. (4) A bill referred to in subsection (1) is formal if it contains a sufficiently descriptive description of the benefits with a lump sum and a detailed list of expenses. “costs” means all costs (in the form of fees, costs, costs or otherwise) related to anything that a lawyer undertakes in his or her capacity as a lawyer; (3) The Committee shall have the power to make orders governing general proceedings against counsel and, without prejudice to the generality of that power, such order may contain provisions on some or all of the following matters, namely: (3) A lawyer suspended under section 38 (5) (d) or section 25 (2), Article 32 (2) (b), Article 36(h) or Article 39(1)(a) must pay the annual fee or the special contribution where it is due to remain a member of the company. 2. The payment of a sum of money to the company referred to in paragraph 1 shall extinguish the obligation of the lawyer or law firm to pay that sum to the person on whose behalf he was detained or to his legal representative. (a) if the investigation is not subject to appeal under this Section within the time limit fixed for the appeal, after the expiry of that period; (2) An invoice may be served in accordance with subsection (1) by sending it to the last known business or residential address of the accused. 4.

The appeal committee shall publish any direction it gives under this section to the person to whom it relates. `pooled trust funds` means funds received in trust by a lawyer or law firm and not subject to the instructions laid down in Article 62(5); (a) all amounts transferred to the Foundation by or on behalf of lawyers and law firms under section 62 (2) or held in trust under section 63 (12); (10) The Company may enter into agreements with the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia for the reimbursement or compensation by those companies of amounts paid in accordance with subsection (8). (3) A person shall not perform any of the acts described in paragraphs (a) to (g) of the definition “exercise of rights” in paragraph 1 of section 1, even if the act is not performed for or in anticipation of direct or indirect remuneration, profit or reward by the person for whom the acts are performed, if (l) agrees: do anything within the meaning of clause (d) if the agreement is entered into under a prepaid legal advice plan or other liability insurance program; 5. Paragraph 4 shall not prohibit a legal person from investing its funds in immovable property, personal property, mortgages, shares, bonds, insurance or any other type of investment. (3) No order may be made under subsection (2) of this section, (c) to make another order under section 50 (4), section 50 (5) and (6) that applies; 6. An advocate who is suspended or who is no longer a member of the partnership or joint-stock company for any other reason must immediately surrender to the director general his lawyer`s certificate and proof of the professional indemnity issued by the partnership. (c) may limit the amounts that may be paid out of the Compensation Fund established under subsection (6) in respect of a claim against a lawyer under the Trust Protection Indemnification Program. 5. The Attorney General of the Federation or of a State may, if he deems it appropriate, appoint the Attorney General of the Federation or, as the case may be, of the State to act in his place as a member of the Disciplinary Board for the purposes of a case; and references to an Attorney General in this Schedule or in section 10 of this Act shall be construed accordingly. (2) The Council for Legal Education may make regulations providing that the provisions of clause (b) of subsection (1) of this section do not apply in the cases and under the conditions (if any) specified in the regulations.

2. A person employed by a lawyer, law firm, bar association or government acting under the supervision of a practising lawyer shall not infringe paragraph 1. (c) if such an appeal is lodged and is not withdrawn or terminated as set out above, if the appeal is dismissed, and takes effect only in accordance with the provisions of this subsection above. 4. In an application pursuant to paragraph 1, the person making the application shall state or confirm under oath the reasons why he accepts the matter referred to in paragraph 1 and the reasons why he believes that the seizure will provide relevant evidence in this regard.

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