Sample Letter of Withdrawal of Legal Notice

29 Nov Sample Letter of Withdrawal of Legal Notice

Note: This material is intended only as an example that you can use when developing your own form. It is not considered legal advice and, as always, you will need to do your own research to draw your own conclusions regarding the laws and ethical opinions in your jurisdiction. In no event shall ISBA Mutual Insurance Company be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of this material. [WO LAWYER ON FILE] I will take note of the court and have prepared the attached order releasing me as defence counsel. Please confirm the release decision and return it in the enclosed stamped envelope so that I can present it to the court for entry. Without your signature, you must appear at the hearing. If you have already hired a new lawyer, please let me know who it is so that I can forward the relevant order to your new lawyer. This letter confirms our understanding that this law firm will no longer represent you in the context of [LEGAL MATTERS] as of [LEGAL MATTERS]. I urge you to immediately appoint another lawyer to represent you in this matter. I will work with your new lawyer during the transition process and provide them with all original documents [keep a copy to yourself], correspondence, briefs, investigation reports and records that I have not previously sent you. Termination of Letter of Representation – Voluntary Resignation.

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