Boston Legal Still Crazy after All These Years Cast

06 Oct Boston Legal Still Crazy after All These Years Cast

Episode Dialogue Alan: Christine, you were in love with a man who was unworthy of you, who made you doubt everything you could count on, who may even have played with your mind. Christine: It`s still not a reason to kill him. Alan: Maybe he let it come. Christine: Maybe you did. __ Alan to Brad: Do you do tongue push-ups? __ Alan to Sally: I didn`t follow the rules for friends. Denny: A man died during angioplasty, leaving him dead. Tragic. Denny in the testimony of an attractive complainant: Would you say last year that you have had more or less sex since the death of your husband? Alan to Lori: I have a hard time maintaining resentment against everyone who wants to kill me, right? Maybe you`ll find that funny return in your office. Alan: I only ask for one thing in a relationship, Christine, that I be completely alone. __ Alan: I may not be able to speak as fast, but my language is more versatile. Alan: I love Vermont. Would you allow me to cover your body with maple syrup? Alan on Brad and Tara: They`re a lovely couple, isn`t they? He has a nice, don`t you think? Episode Summary Still Crazy of All These Years / Season 1, Episode 2 First Broadcast: October 10, 2004 Alan helps his ex-lover, who tried to kill him, get out of a mental hospital. Brad and Denny take a case where a woman sues the hospital for causing her emotional distress when her husband died during an angioplasty.

Denny learns that this new case will help the other partners decide if it`s a burden on the company. Lori tries to keep Sally away from Alan. Episode Reviews Layers of Insanity by Abney [written for TV Tome] The problem with measuring reason is that you can`t really do it for yourself. Someone else has to tell you that you`re not right in your head, otherwise you probably won`t believe it, and even then, it`s more than normal for people not to trust others. It`s a mystery, but it`s part of the life, even the eccentric life of Crane, the lawyers of Poole & Schmidt. Alan`s unequal relationship with Sally continues to bother me. They just don`t seem to belong together, no matter how much she thinks so. There`s more spark between Alan and Lori, and they may have had three scenes together throughout the series.

Brad seems to fill the character of “appreciative and admiring” son usually chosen by Alan (only Brad does it with a little less cynicism), and this is a justified decision because Alan and Brad seem to balance each other. He really had nothing to do in the courtroom, but he was, as always, excellent in front of the committee in the trash. He plays the English language like a musician playing his instrument, brilliantly prepares Christine`s supply of unused medicines and frees her from the “hospital”. Unfortunately for him, this would trigger a chain of circumstances that can only end badly; something that was reflected in Denny`s alienation from the rest of the company, especially other people in positions of power within the company. Denny may not be the same impressive figure he once was, but he still knows what he`s doing when it comes to law and manipulating others, two skills that tend to go hand in hand. His former friend and partner tried to set it up (which baffles Lori, who was the first to pick up the conspiracy), but Denny wrapped his confidence in his characteristic arrogance, won the lawsuit, and thwarted efforts to eliminate him. Despite Brad`s confession of a deep love for Denny, which I will talk about later, he remains the authority figure who demands respect, not only because he is a figurehead, but because he commands it. Although he obviously insulted the widow during the testimony, he was able to hide it as a legitimate interrogation line while making the opposing lawyer look like a fool, which I doubted he could do. But only for a second. Tara didn`t appear much, to the detriment of the episode.

In her first little scene with Alan, she managed nothing more than to summarize to the audience what was happening in case they had just hooked up, and in the other, she didn`t jealously inspire Alan by dancing with Brad. Just a comment I wish I hadn`t heard of Brad, from Alan. Sally, on the other hand, was far too insecure for me and a terrible game for Alan. Alan and Christine have better chemistry, and she tried to kill him and pursued him throughout the episode. But that is not the point. The only good thing she did was look really depressed, framed between a stunned Alan and a progressive Christine, to bring the episode to a melancholic end and start the following week during which I would like to see her past relationship with Brad explored. Brad admits he loved Denny, could have been cute if it hadn`t been so embarrassing; However, it was nice to see how he interacted with people other than Alan and Sally, whose history he already has. In the first episode, he was put in a role where little was going on. This time, he felt compelled to tell Denny that the main partners were looking for a reason to oust him, even though he was blind to this truth until Lori told him very clearly. It appeared to be a bit narrow-minded, but overall a good development for a character who desperately needs something.

For the new characters that weren`t introduced in the final season of The Practice, I appreciate Lori`s presence much more than Brad`s, a situation that could be corrected if Brad and Alan returned to the antagonistic relationship they had in the first episode. Right now, I`ve enjoyed her soothing aura and the experienced voice (in every aspect of the word) she gives in advising Sally on what to do with Alan while temporarily giving up her vigilance at the office party. She is not interested in Alan, but she is fascinated. And yes, there is a difference. And finally, the charming crazy Christine. I sincerely hoped that the first few times she had “postponed her flight” that it was true that she had really been there but couldn`t bring herself to do so because she still felt attached to Alan for what he had done for her, despite everything she (tried) to do to him. Boy, I was naïve. Hopefully, their stalking tendencies will bring more interaction with some of the company`s remaining employees in the coming weeks. In the end, it`s more difficult for this episode than it has been in recent weeks, and that`s understandable. Most people don`t get in touch with crazy people clinically on a daily basis, but for these people, it`s a curiosity if they don`t. If the series can continue to challenge the viewer (in this case, with an insightful look at the nature of “psychiatric hospitals” and whether they are really hospitals or just prisons in disguise or a combination of both), I can`t wait to watch and revisit the rest of the series.

Until Sunday, I`ll leave you with some retrospective reflections – The Good – Elizabeth Mitchell as Christine Pauley; I enjoyed his recurring role in the emergency room and I love him here. It`s a part that`s as powerful as it is there. -Christine drops her many pills on the table. Predictable, but still enjoyable. The Bad – Although the cinematography and fast zoom have been toned down a bit (now mostly used on commercial returns and sometimes on scene changes), as well as irritating music, it`s still useless. The attempt to chase Denny Crane away by causing him to commit professional suicide. How evil it is for someone who accuses Denny of being away from his rocker. The Ugly – Denny Crane`s pink tie/pink shirt combo under his suit. And his purple tie/purple shirt too.

Sorry, but that`s just a bad sense of fashion. It doesn`t matter who you are. Written by Abney | Send your comments and comments to Abney under episode credits directed by . Charles Haid Written by . Kerry Ehrin, David E. Kelley Elizabeth Mitchell . Christine Pauley Frances Fisher . Carrie John Michael Higgins . Jerry Austin Eric Payne. Sam Halpern Joel Anderson .

Kevin Ripley Steven Anderson . Walter Seymore Rich Cooper . Paul Rober Anthony S. Johnson . Judge Baker Thomas Knickerbocker . Dr. Mahoney Andy Milder . Dr.

Gill Victor Raider-Wexler . Dr Bender Penelope Windust . Martha Silver Home » Boston Legal » Season 1 » Episode 2 (Still crazy from all these years) [An error occurred in the treatment of this directive] Author: Kerry Ehrin David E. Kelley Director: Charles Haid The percentage of approved tomatometer reviews that gave this film a positive review Transcript Read the episode, transcribed by olucy: [pdf] Transcript Episode ratings gained a window of time 12.8 million viewers [Last week: 13.8m] Gained adults 18-49 5.1/13 [last week: 5.0/13] Video of the episode Boston Legal: Still Crazy After All These Years Season 1, Episode 2 Broadcast date: October 10, 2004 Watch the music video for the 1st segment (4:00) 2. Watch the clip of the segment (9:25) World Cup Feed; 298 bitrate/no download Alan helps an ex-girlfriend who once tried to run him over with a car to get out of a mental hospital.

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