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04 Oct Bft Legal Consulting

SYDNEY, Australia Fitness heavyweight F45 has lost a four-year legal battle in Australia`s Federal Court against Body Fit Training (BFT). BFT`s founders thanked their franchisees, members and industry partners for their unwavering support, faith and trust in their brand during the long legal battle. “We are delighted that the Australian Federal Court has ruled in favour of BFT against F45,” Cameron Falloon said in a statement with BFT co-CEO Richard Burnet. In the jury`s verdicts, it was concluded that F45`s patents were invalid because none of the inventions were a manufacturing process. It was also found that even if these were valid, BFT did not harm them in the construction of their fitness offer. The long-standing fight to prevent BFT from offering the functional fitness programming model that F45 became synonymous with failed, as the court found that F45`s two innovation patents were invalid. Although the case ended with a clear verdict this week, the saga had not prevented the American fitness behemoth Xponential from adding the BFT brand to its portfolio in a partnership agreement in October 2021. The agreement consisted of $60 million in prepayment activity as well as additional payments based on growth. Read more: Xponential Fitness adds the 10th brand to the portfolio with the Australian Body Fit Training After the revocation of the patents, F45 was ordered by the court to pay the BFT fees.

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